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Cork Indulgence Yoga Mat

Cork Indulgence Yoga Mat

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Cork Yoga Mat Benefits:

  • Lux Size - 75" Long x 27" Wide
  • Lux Feel at the Ideal Thickness
  • Extra Large for Comfort and Range 
  • Naturally Antimicrobial 
  • Sustainable Sourced Natural Cork Bark
  • Formulated for Max Shock Absorbency, Stability and Traction
  • Easy to Clean 
  • Odorless
  • Durable 

 Cork Yoga Mat Features:

  • Extra large dimensions at the perfect thickness for yoga. Our Lux Cork Mats are 75" long x 27" wide x 4mm Thick, providing 20% more area than most mats.  
  • Cork by its own nature is self-cleaning.  Cork is naturally antimicrobial.  It contains compounds called Phenolics which kills the bacteria and fungus.  This keeps your mat clean and free from odor from perspiration.  It is much easier to keep a cork mat clean versus a regular yoga mat.
  • When needed it is best to wash your mat with an oil free soapy water.  
  • To store your mat roll it cork facing outward.  
  • It is much better to practice with a cork mat because it does not contain polyurethane which is derived from plastic, Poly Vinyl Chloride, Poly Environmental Resin, Thermo Plastic Elastomer and Eco-Friendly CompletGrip.  Most yoga mats are made from one or more of these materials and they are not environmentally friendly.  These mats will develop an odor, absorb bacteria and loose their grip. 
  • Cork yoga mats are the most durable mats around.  They will last longer than any other mat and they feel so much better!  
  • Cork yoga mats are odor free.  
  • The cork mats get grippier with moist hands and feet, so spraying some water on the mat works wonders.
  • The ideal thickness for a yoga mat is 4mm.  The Cork Indulgence Mat is 4mm!
  • Cheap mats tend to be on the thin side, which can lead to a lot of pain during table positions, lying  on your back or kneeling.  The Cork Indulgence Mat provides more cushion and support.  This doesn’t ward off joint strain, but it can help with existing conditions like back pain.      
  • Cork yoga mats are extremely durable and resilient.  Their lifespan in normally 12-24 months, while most yoga mats last only 6-12 months before they give out leaving deep impressions from continuous use.     
  • Cork is extremely durable, and it offers a lot of traction.  Wet or dry it has plenty of grip.   Hot yogis will love the Cork Indulgence Yoga Mat.  
  • Cork creates the perfect balance of cushion and traction so you can practice all forms of yoga with ease on any surface.
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Does the Yoga Mat smell?

No, our Yoga Mat does not smell. And, it does not absorb odor.

How is the Yoga Mat environmentally sustainable?

Yes, our Yoga Mat's are environmentally sustainable because cork bark is a renewable resource.

How can I clean your Yoga Mat?

You can clean our Yoga Mat with a damp cloth, using an oil-free and soapy water.

  • Durable and Resilient

  • Self-cleaning and Antimicrobial

  • Cushy, Orthopedic Support

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