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Cork Yoga Products

Chic Meets Environmental Responsibility

Superior Grip: The more you sweat the more you grip. In hot yoga your hands and feet will grip the mat without toxins.

Naturally Antimicrobial: It reduces bacterial levels, resists mold and mildew. You don’t need to clean it as often or use alcohol-based products because you can clean our yoga mats with warm soapy water.

No Odor Absorption: A cork mat does not absorb odor. Cork is naturally water resistant, so it does not absorb sweat.

Sustainable: Ecofriendly and renewable as the cork bark is harvested repeatedly without cutting the trees down. 100% biodegradable, recyclable and free of toxins.

Ecofriendly Yoga Mats

With growing concerns about environmentally harmful materials and toxins in synthetic yoga mats, eco-conscious yogis are looking for an alternative without sacrificing traction, cushion, comfort, or affordability.  Cork yoga mats check all the boxes and protect the environment.