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Lux Cork Yoga

At Lux Cork Yoga, we believe your yoga practice should not only be a journey for your body, but also a luxurious experience for your soul.

A Stering Decor Concepts Company

Lux Cork Yoga, a Sterling Decor Concepts company, five decades strong and continues to develop niche products for our clientele. Our focus in our creations has always followed fashion and the environment. Introducing our cork indulgence yoga mat and yoga mat sling for easy carrying. We want you to practice with the ideal yoga mat, so we developed a 4mm mat which is the perfect thickness for a yoga mat. Additionally we made it wider and longer. The cork indulgence mat is 27" W x 75" L. The sling is made out of cork too and it is light, so it feels good on your shoulder. Please join our community and indulge yourself with the most outstanding yoga mat! You deserve the best for your practice!

Thank you for choosing, Lux Cork Yoga. Let's elevate your yoga practice together!

Sustainable Luxury

Elegant Chic